First handlettering attempts on beautifully illustrated greeting cards


These beautifully illustrated folding cards here are the work of my dear friend Kathleen Gust, She is a graphic designer with a great passion for photography and collages. In addition, she is a globetrotter and undoubtedly a cosmopolitan. With her photo cams in her luggage, she feels at home anywhere in the world. You can get a small selection of her travel photographs here look, some of her collages are here to find and otherwise look at her in any case Instagram Profile for a lot of good photography of land and people, architecture, design and art.

Cute baby animals, coffee & confetti – which combination could be even more wonderful?

This folding card series is one of her current works. There is a lot of attention to detail in these handmade motifs. They were created in a conventional analog collage technique and were then digitized for two-color printing. I really could not decide between the four motives, so I gave them to me in the complete set (there was also a discount).

What is the Riso pressure?

Another special feature is the printing process itself: the risograph, The technique of riso printing is very similar to screen printing, which can also be seen in the result. However, the Riso-pressure is more sustainable, because it manages without chemicals and heat. Unfortunately, this printing technique is not widely used and correspondingly expensive.

At this point I definitely want the printing house Drucken3000 recommend as well as their beautiful Instagram profile. (Because the staff is very nice and the printing process is environmentally friendly.)

Where can I order the folding cards?

If these unique postcards have enchanted you and you really want them, just write to the illustrator by mail: k.gust (at)

Here are the four cards in more detail. Each card has a brown envelope with a hangtag motif stamped with it.



Would not that be a charming way to invite your favorite person to a cafe?

I always wanted to try handlettering and these cards seem more than suitable for me. So I got inspired in some books (this one Handlettering book* e.g. I think it's beautiful), my dearest Polychromos* brought me a cup of coffee and just tried around. (I know, brush pens would be more ideal, such as edding 1255 calligraphy pen* or edding 1340 brushpen* but unfortunately I have not yet, and for the first few attempts the crayons have kept well).

I think the card motifs are perfect for inviting your favorite or favorite woman into a café (for example, for Valentine's Day … where, must there always be an occasion?).

Schatzi, Mausi, Bussi, HDL & Glitzerherzchen have never been my thing. So my invitation is simple, two-tone & matching the illustration: “Come with me to my favorite café”.




Incidentally, I could not resist including this pretty and practical poster with the herb overview for my kitchen. I have been dealing a lot with herbs and spices and their medicinal properties lately, and it is therefore ideal to be able to quickly look up the most important herbs again and again.



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